Ordering Process

Once you contact us, either by our contact form, email, facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, phone or text we will require the following information.

<strong>For Celebration and Birthday Cakes</strong>

  • What is the date you would like to collect the cake?
  • How many people would you like the cake to cater for?
  • Do you have a design in mind?

<strong>For Wedding Cakes</strong>

  • What date is your wedding?
  • Where are you holding your wedding reception?
  • How many guests would you like your cake to cater for?
  • Do you have a design/colour scheme in mind for your cake?

From this information we can then prepare a quote for you, giving you size and design options with a total cost based on this information

Once you are happy to proceed, we will need your email address to enable us to send you a SIGNABLE order form. This is a digital form outlining all of your order details as discusses, along with our bank details for payment, and details regarding collection times and address.

It is your responsibility to check that all the details are correct (please check collection date, design details, colours and spellings) 

Once you are satisfied that the details are correct, please read our Terms & Conditions then sign and date the digital order form in the space provided

On the form are our bank details, and a reference number for you to pay your booking fee. Your order is NOT confirmed until we have received your signed contract AND your booking fee.

This form also gives you details of the time and address for collection of your cake if you have ordered a Celebration or Birthday Cake.

By signing this form you are agreeing to enter into a contract with Shelley’s Cakes.